Short Bio

  Free2bMee is a platform that was created for inspiring art; singers, poets, and musicians. We encourage freedom of expression by creating a non-conforming environment with an engaged crowd of people. We aim to surround you in an atmosphere that allows you to be yourself.  The center stage makes you feel like all focus is on you, and it is. But at this moment you have our attention.  The bright lights beamed on you gives you the sense of 

“it’s your time,” and it is!


  Free2bMee was established Nov 2015 by Latrice. One day, I shared my hopes with my friends about how I love music, and going to poetry readings to the point where I’d like to be the creator of my own place. The idea seemed great at the time, and I went for it!! It’s not every day we get to live out our dreams, and some just don’t simply have opportunity to… so WHY NOT?! Now here we are!


 Being a poet during my years of junior high, high school, and college stimulated my passion to invest in my dreams. I know there are many out there just like me, so I encourage inspiring singers, poets, and rappers looking for that outlet to just release on stage to come by, and contact me! I care about this artistry and I feel a lot of good talent goes unnoticed. This is why Free2bMee was created, this is why we are here, so let me create this FREE atmosphere that you can do what you love to do.