Latrice Hyde 31, was born and raised in the tough yet cultured streets of Inglewood, California and later moved to Gardena California. She fell in love with poetry and music at an early age. Latrice started dancing in elementary and later on joined a dance team in high school. Recently learning to play the guitar and piano, she was inspired to create Free2bmee; where all artist can come and share a platform where they can display their talents and take place in a comforting environment. Latrice has loved to dance since joining the dance team in elementary, and feels poetry has always came as a natural way to express her words. Free2bmee wants to separate itself from the normal open mic and has geared towards music showcase events with spoken word.

After attending “90’s LOVE JONES rendition presented by Free2BMee, we had to find out how her open mic events came about. “My goal is to provide a well-known, successful production where all artist can come and share a platform display, what they love to do best. A place where singing, poetry, art, and musicians can all take in a comforting environment. I just want to create that atmosphere where you can’t wait for the next one”, Latrice said radiantly as the night is coming to a close while friends gather to discuss their favorite performers.

Whether it’s “Tasteful Tuesdays” or “Motown Showdown”, each show brings something different to the table. From jazz, rap, down to soulful r&b, there’s a wide variety of genres. In addition, the Sol Venue along with Bruddah’s Bar and Grill has partnered up with Free2bmee and helped retain an on growing audience.With live music, and the smell of tacos in the air you can predict an entertaining night. You will spot familiar faces showcasing their many talents on stage and even get a load of some brand new talent. The atmosphere is very relaxed and easygoing. The crowd’s aura is vigorous and fresh as you hear jazz in the background and see cocktails along with Free2bmee apparel being purchased near the bar.

Free2bmee has given an abundance of talented individuals a place to come and showcase their talents. As the crowd sings along, snaps their fingers, and bob their heads to the melodic tunes sung by different artist. Or how about, when the poet recites a line that touches your soul and the room erupts in finger snaps ! Free2bmee gives you that old school 90’s feel, that “Love Jones” type of feel. It gives individuals the opportunity to express themselves, soulfully and artistically.

On June 17th, Free2bmee recently presented “Freedom Fridays”music showcase and spoken word hosted by Rikayah Crawford. From the audience to the talent on stage the energy being spread is nothing short of amazing. To learn more about these phenomenal artist make sure to follow @free2bme__ on Instagram and/or Website.

If you haven’t attended a open mic night even yet, don’t worry! Upcoming projects will be posted soon. In the meantime, check out what you missed!

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